Modern Sniper Gun Shooter War Elite 3D Killer Game

Modern Sniper Gun Shooter War Elite 3D Killer Game

Version 1.2
Sniper Contract Killer FPS Gunner Commando PvP Fury Modern Battlefield Warfare.

By Tech Droid 3D Free Games

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Modern Sniper Gun Shooter War Elite 3D Killer Game is a world war 3D FPS Shooting Game, the game is inspired from World War situations that occurred in historical warfare. The game is also based in modern warfare where user has to strictly follow the map like a responsible Frontline Sniper. Most of the missions featured in the game are based on invasion as the user invade military bases all over the globe the user has to travel all over the world and capture ammo and various military logistics. The user is also supposed to invade enemy lands and capture territories, the user needs to be a professional contract killer Sniper Assassin so in special ops user needs to save the life of hostages and perform complete search missions.

User is supposed to hit the moving military convoy and destroy multiple items that are supposed to move:

🔫 Tanks.
🔫 Gunships.
🔫 Ships.
🔫 Helicopters.
🔫 Aircrafts.
🔫 Naval Carriers.
🔫 Army Trucks.
🔫 Army Vans.
🔫 Radar.
🔫 Machine guns.

The game features the most advanced city warfare with terrorists where user needs to serve the police force as a cop sniper, in these intense mission user needs to be attentive and proactive City Sniper. The game has amazing controls and algorithm so game has an amazing feeling and user really enjoy being a sniper shooter as user gets to play the mission of Sniper Camouflage as the user tries to get in the enemy lines and create the situation that turn into chaos. The user has to perform shooting missions in desert like a professional Desert Sniper. Take Clean shots from the top of Mountain as a Mountain Sniper.

In these battles user must have following items in his/her ammo bag:

🔫 Pistols.
🔫 Armors.
🔫 Medical Kit.
🔫 Guns.
🔫 Flame Thrower.
🔫 Dagger.
🔫 Poison Gas.
🔫 Mortars.
🔫 Detonators.
🔫 Machineguns.

Here are some highlighting features of the game:

🔫 Ultra High Definition (HD) Display.
🔫 Multiple Sound Effects (SFX).
🔫 Newly Designed Visual Effects (VFX).
🔫 Specialized Simulated shooting environment.
🔫 Aim Shot and Reload smoothly.
🔫 Best Sniper Scope, HUD and magazine.
🔫 Modern Warfare and Guerilla Warfare against terrorists.
🔫 Classic battles of World War 1 and World War 2.
🔫 Advanced maps and terrains
🔫 Variety of animations like Bullets animations.
🔫 World dangerous army base camps to invade
🔫 Best shooting mechanism with best physics engine.
🔫 Specially integrated Weather engine
🔫 Trap military convoy in an ambush.
🔫 Stop the enemy invasion as a Frontier Sniper.
🔫 Advanced zoom in and zoom out options.
🔫 Best gunshots effects.


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